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Jurna gives kids the opportunity to discover their best selves. More than a journaling app, it’s a safe place for self-expression, reflection, for sharing with people you trust, and for learning to face each day with courage and resilience. 

Our story

Jurna was created by GoZen! Founded with the mission to boost resilience in kids and teens, everything we do at GoZen! follows the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice. For more than a decade, we’ve been creating social and emotional learning tools in a variety of formats: animations, crafts, games, printables, workshops, and more.

With so many different tools, we’ve always aimed to speak to a broad array of learning styles. Still, we never stop looking for new ways to reach kids, teens, and families.

Why Jurna?

Among the most impactful, versatile tools at GoZen! are the printable resources. Used in homes, classrooms, and private practices all around the world, printables have the power to help kids and teens at any stage of their growth. Those facing challenges like negative thoughts, anxiety, body image, anger, goal-setting, mindfulness, and so much more, have found relief in our printables library.

Still, we knew we could do more. We knew there was demand for something easier to use, something more accessible, especially when printing isn’t an option. That’s why we’re so proud to present Jurna. 

Jurna takes printable resources and puts them directly into the hands of kids and teens instantly, and without the limitation of paper and pens. Users engage the content with greater creativity: typing, drawing, coloring, using photos and stickers, AND they can collaborate while doing so. Jurna rewards kids for using the app regularly, and gives parents the ability to filter the content they want their kids working with. 

Join our mission to raise a generation that will reach their innermost potential.

We believe all humans can learn the skills to be courageous and confident, to treat others with respect, and to find joy in their day to day lives. And we believe Jurna has a role to play in teaching those skills.

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