What is Jurna?

Jurna is a mental health journaling app for kids, teens, and basically humans of all ages. Jurna activities promote resilience, self-confidence, mindfulness, anxiety relief, and other SEL skills.

Is Jurna free?

The app is free to download. Users will find several free journals, have the ability to create their own journals, and participate in the daily check-ins. We also offer premium access to Jurna, which unlocks all of the journals, challenge rewards and stickers, the ability to share and collaborate, and gives you access to new content every week. 

How do I access Jurna?

Jurna is available on iOS through the App Store and is optimized for iPhones and iPads. Stay tuned for an Android version!

What age range is Jurna geared towards?

Jurna content is appropriate for humans of all ages! We recommend it for kids ages 6+, tweens, teens, and even adults. 🙂

Can I use Jurna with multiple kids?

To create multiple profiles for your family, simply choose “I’m a parent/guardian” when signing up and you can create up to 6 child profiles. Each user with a profile will be able to log in using their own device while sharing a single subscription. Click here for more info.

We’re working on accounts for schools/professionals. Stay tuned!

Who developed Jurna?

Jurna was created by GoZen! For years we’ve had great response to our SEL printables but also a demand for content that’s easier to use when printing just isn’t feasible. We put our heads together to develop a solution that allows kids to engage with journals and reflection questions creatively, not just relying on typing out answers.

What if I still have questions?

  • Support Docs: Check our support docs for answers to more technical questions, such as editing your profile or managing your subscription.
  • Email: Write us at [email protected] or fill out this form.
  • Phone: Call us at (800) 536-1953 and a team member will get back to you.

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