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Accounts, profiles, and pods

Every jurna account gives users an opportunity to add up to 6 additional user profiles. This group of user profiles under a single account is called a “pod.” Account creators are pod leaders and control settings. Each pod member will be able to log into their profile and use jurna on their own device. Every member of a pod can share a subscription.

New users creating an account are presented with three options:

  1. 12 & under are prompted to have an adult complete their registration. An adult can create an account and add profiles for 12 & under users.
  2. 13+ can create their own jurna accounts. Teen accounts have the option to use jurna independently, or create a pod by adding additional profiles.
  3. Adult accounts are intended for families and professionals. Adult accounts include the ability to add profiles to a pod, manage settings, filter content for pod members, and choose a passcode to protect profiles, settings, and subscription details.

Note: With an adult pod leader and up to 6 user profiles, each jurna account can support up to 7 users on a single subscription. While pod members can use jurna on their own devices, they can’t access other profiles, nor access subscription details, without the adult passcode. Parent/guardian accounts have the ability to edit individual profiles and filter content.